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Welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit to my little portal. My name is Kevin Dziekonski and this site is mainly dedicated for providing some information to get to know who I am. The way social media is going, having all of your detailed public personal information in one place for consistency I feel, would truly better represent who you are. Not to mention, I am not sure there is one place that I could disseminate all of the information that I can on this portal. There is a significant amount of information contained within to give you an idea what I have accomplished or ideas I am working on. I hope that this site is not boring and it will grow over time. This has been an undertaking, but it is something you really only have to do once and then maintain it. At least that is the theory.

The Career History section details each position I have held in my career with an explanation as to why I left, what I learned, and the accomplishments during that time.

The Educational History section describes the schools I graduated from and areas of concentration for that school.

The Contact me section has all of the forms of contacting me.

The Other section is meant for people looking for more detailed information. This information, however; should not be readily available in the public space for consumption. If you need access, a log in will be provided to you upon request.

Feedback or suggestions about the information, design, layout, or any other comments are welcome.

Yours truly,

Kevin Dziekonski

Where am I from?

Born in Sheboygan, Wisconsin to James and Judy Dziekonski. Grew up in the suburb of Sheboygan Falls until we moved to Black Hawk, Colorado where I attended fifth and sixth grade. Then moved to Idaho Springs to finish high school at Clear Creek Secondary. After that, well, it certainly is a long story and it certainly has never been boring.

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Where am I going?

This is a question that is very hard to answer. It seems to change based on what is happening in my life, families, friends, career and so forth. I picture life as a roller coaster. It is scary, fun and unexpected all at the same time. Might as well sit back and enjoy the ride. Every person is on a journey through life. The question which we must think about: "Where am I going to end up?" "Where will life’s journey bring me?"
I am striving to be someone that has made a difference with the short amount of time I have been given. At the end, to be remembered as a great person that always lent a helping hand. A great family man that is proud to showcase my family. A friend and confidant that could be counted on no matter the situation. If I could look down upon my funeral and wonder how I was so lucky to have all of these wonderful people in my life. What an accomplishment that would be.

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What am I all about?

I am all about people. What is the important to me. Family, Friends, hard work, playing hard, learning, growing, help others, respecting nature and leaving the planet better then I found it. After all, you rest you rust. Doing the right thing even when it is the toughest and not the popular thing to do. You compromise once, you can never walk a straight line again. It is less important to me what I am doing, than who am I doing it with. This is true for work or my personal life. I would rather work with people that inspire me to be my best, then just have a job.

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What are my interests?

I love to work with my hands and mind. I am not afraid of hard work or projects that look more like boiling the ocean to most people. The thrill of being challenged and rising to meet those challenges drives me. I enjoy working on the house, keeping in shape, reading, growing personally, spiritually and anything nature related.

I always wanted to write a book and I have been refining a story for a number of years. Well at least in my head. I have the most of the material to which I believe would be one great story. I even have the name of the book: "A Dreamers Handbook: A collection of Love, Lust and Lunacy!" ® Someday when I slow down and have time to sit and relax on a beach for a year, I will write it.

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Funny Stuff

I have a theory with a twist on the Government that I hope you find at least mildly entertaining.

First and foremost I would never run for President. That being said, I have always thought the internet would be a great place to run for President. Imagine you have an election where you questioned if either candidate was the best we really had to offer to run the country.
So, if the time was right, you could run for President and tell everyone you have no desire to win. Just seeking the opportunity to be the random public person that got a chance to question the candidates on what is really important. Why has no one done this very thing before? Probably for the same reason most of us do not run for office, the media.
I once saw an ad for a Governor race where they showed the candidate tying his shoes all by himself for the first time. His face in the picture clearly noted that he was so proud of this moment in time. The aim of the ad, he has been making bad decisions since he was three years old. Unfortunately, the candidate for Governor had a picture that showed he had put his shoes on the wrong feet.

Imagine how they could spin something in your life. The solution to this is to either somehow remove this element in elections or just freely admit that you have alien love children all over the universe. You smoked, inhaled and met every prophet that has ever or will ever live. This way anything showcased from your past would be boring in comparison or at least be less entertaining then your incredible stories.

Then by shear random luck you got elected since people really want a normal person in office. Then this carried over to the Congressional elections and it was filled with new people. Now you could reform the Government to be run by the phone book. What did you say, the phone book?! Now how would this solve the problem?
Make it so we all would hate doing these jobs. Make it just like jury duty. You would be randomly picked to be a Representative or Senator. You only get two terms to serve in office. The first term, you shadow the person before you and the second term, you are the person making decisions for your constituents. During the first term, you would be required to develop a relationship with at least five randomly picked countries around the World.

Can you imagine how things would be different? There would be no special interest groups and big business would certainly have less sway on the direction of the country. Just think, if you were picked to serve and your Grandma did not have insurance; by the time you left office, I bet Grandma would have insurance. The same benefits you would have for serving Government duty. Since you gave up eight years of your time for this duty, you should be compensated well. This way at least it would not be as painful as jury duty. Not to mention, reality TV would have nothing for entertainment in comparison to watching how congress worked after this.

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Serious Stuff

We all need to get more involved with things going on around the World and at home. The World is becoming a smaller place every day. When something happens anywhere in the World, it does have an effect on everyone everywhere. This has changed and become apparent just in my life time and I can only imagine our children seeing the blurring of lines across the World. Lets help each other, I believe that we all are desiring the same basic things and our children having better opportunities then we have. The basics should be a given: Food, education, water, safe environment, a home, freedom to practice our beliefs of culture and religion without fear. When did we stop being tolerant of each other? We need to respect and embrace each others differences. I believe this a opportunity for all of us to learn from one another, ourselves and help us understand how to solve issues with these different perspectives.
I have had the great fortune to travel and meet many people from numerous countries that have just inspired me. Most of the people I have met were very nice, accommodating, entertaining, honest, brilliant, fun and have enriched my life tremendously.

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Just because it is the last on the list does not mean that it is not important, quite the opposite. It is the nearest and dearest to my heart.

I believe when you give of yourself, you receive significantly more than the people you help. We all need help at some point in our lives and we should never forget those who helped us when we needed it. We should take care of one another. We all are on this little mud ball floating in space called Earth. Life is all around us on this little place and we should take great care of all of it. Everything surrounding our little planet is pretty unfriendly as it is. I have had the fortunate opportunity to work with many charities that are simply incredible and always give me hope for all of us.

I have started a number of charities, and they really are labors of love. One charity that I have been working on is Joe Mamma's Coffee (Trademark and Service Mark - United States Patent & Trademark Serial No. 78941131 & 76006264). Too many people are trying to use the name even though it is not theirs to use.

Joe Mamma’s is a new concept on an old theme of the familiar and friendly neighborhood Coffee House.  At Joe Mamma’s, the atmosphere is tropical, colorful and inviting.  The coffee is superb and the food offered is slightly different and absolutely delicious.  Of course, it’s still the comfort food we know and love to accompany our hot cup of coffee! 

The innovative twist at Joe Mamma’s is that the cup of coffee you purchase is not only tax deductible but is also assisting to educate youths in the local community.   Joe Mamma’s is a not-for-profit Coffee House!  After costs of the coffee and other products are paid, 80% goes to educational scholarships and 20% is given back to the community to assist the homeless, provide habitat for homes, education, health, food, shelter and local charities.  These percentages are just an idea.  Joe Mamma’s would like to see each local community decide how to spend the money after costs, but we would like to see the majority of it go towards youth education.

How is Joe Mamma’s going to help educate local youths?  Actually, you and your community are going to do this. 
This is how:

We would like to see each local committee set the requirements for the scholarships that are awarded.  Rather than a grade point average basis, the students will write a detailed essay describing what’s in their hearts.  This would be the basis of their acceptance as a candidate for the scholarship.  An additional essay would be due upon graduation from their current school. Additionally, three to five years later, they would be asked to submit a final essay which states how their overall educational process, with the help of the scholarship money, has assisted them in reaching their current situation in life.

Each year there will be two scholarships granted to help underprivileged local youths get a head start in reaching their goals.  The local community will aid in the selection of the youths through the support of the Joe Mamma’s store (which will also be run by the community).  After selection, the winner’s picture and essay will appear in a frame in each Joe Mamma’s establishment to display where the patrons’ funds have been distributed.

NO WHERE ELSE can you enjoy your daily coffee and have it count towards your contribution to the education of today’s youth.

Why are you waiting?  Stop in to see us at Joe Mamma’s today.  We’ll have your coffee waiting.

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